Designing a custom distro for watercooling

By Axel
2 min read
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A custom computer case meant for water-cooling obviously means a custom distribution plate for said water-cooling. Designing one is actually fairly simple, especially if you know some CAD and follow the Bit-Tech Youtube Guide by Alex.

I did just that, but I wanted to highlight some things that I didn’t catch in the tutorial or had been refined. Instead they were caught by Arya from AquaCustoms when he reviewed my CAD-file. Some of these are measurements that differ from the video guide, others are me being a dumbass and not listening to the guide. Arya learned a few of these from Alex himself, who I assume has refined his measurements from the time he made the guide.

  1. The channel for the O-ring.
    Apparently this is only supposed to be on one of the sides of the block. I did it on both the first time around. I completely missed it because I am a bad student.
  2. Countersunk holes
    The guide itself specifies the holes for screws should be chamfered with a 2.1mm chamfer. I was informed by Arya that a 2.2 will make M4 screws sit flush. At 2.1 they’ll stick up a bit.
  3. Chamfer your G1/4 hole
    Acrylic is a brittle material. If the holes are left without a chamfer you are likely to chip the edges when you screw in your fittings. A chamfer removes that risk and helps guide the fittings into the threading. A suggested value is 0.6mm.
  4. Consider your fittings and their thread length
    If your fitting has a thread length of 7mm and your distro has a thread length of 5mm it’s not gonna be right. I had to doublecheck some Koolance QD3s to make sure that my 5mm were enough. Turns out it was.
  5. Channels for RGB
    For RGB I asked Alex what kind of cutouts he would suggest. The suggestion was a 3mm wide channel that’s 6mm deep. The part that this is in should also be frosted to better help diffuse the light. The strips he recommended are the Alphacool ones.
  6. Don’t trust your digital measurements
    Always measure your actual case before ordering. There will be differences due to machining. I am currently waiting to do so, but almost there!

With all of these adjustments, and when I have done proper measurements next week, I will order a distro from Alex. You can do so as well by heading to his website and contacting him from there.